Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mohammad Ikhwan & Sabarina Weddings 11.11.12

Mohammad Ikhwan & Sabarina got engaged on the 11.11.11,and this year they tied the knot on the same date.,(.well actually the solemnisation was on the 9.11.12)..The grand event was on the 11.11.12..Well,congratulation to both of you and thank you very much for Johan Mapy,who came all the way from Malaysia to attend the wedding..:)
Pusing Naga..

The Newly wed,Shahrin & Satrina...congratulation to both for the good new...
Mony,Rieys,Azie and Ibnue was there too..
Dex...reporting for the BPY07 new channel..eheh..

Cheers for the newly wed..

The next inline to be groom..:)

Malam berambil ambilan..

with Md.Ikhwan 's family..
and Sabarina's family..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dyg Masra Nurulafizan Binti Haji Sulaiman Dengan Awg Abdul Halim Bin Ali

 Congratulation to Ezan and her husband Halim for your wedding.yesterday 17th June ,Ezan had her wedding reception at her house...

 Lil Arfa and lil Azie was there...ehehe...glad to see you gals..ehehe

 Mr.Shahrin aka superman with Satrina,his fiance was there blue..(upcoming wedding in July,so u guys,jgn lupa)
 Azie,who is still jetleg,arrived form KL on saturday...ehehe....

 with Ezan sis,Tyna..;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dyg Masra Nurulafizan Binti Haji Sulaiman Dengan Awg Abdul Halim Bin Ali

Slm guys, i just got info from Ezan,she apologized for not able to pass the invitation to each one of us , she is actually inviting BPY07 to her nikah & wedding ..

Majlis Nikah (Today)
Date :15th June 2012
Jam: 2ptg (selepas solat Jumaat..)

Majlis Persandingan(this Sunday)
Date: 17th June 2012
Jam 11:30 am -12:15pm ( arrival of guest)

Tmpt: No:455,Kg Keriam Tutong TB1141 Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raudhah & Lee's Wedding

On the 27th November 2011,marks the day Raudhah becomes a wife to fiance Asmalee@Lee.The Solemnization took place at Rimba.

On that night,majilis berbedak was held.

Mony was there...:) ..
On 28th November 2011,Monday,the big event took place at Bridex Hall....